Julia Child’s French Bread…. The Babes celebrate a birthday — 9 Comments

  1. All my favorite bread makers! And photos to drool over. It’s been years since I made bread – can’t wait to try it again.
    Thanks for the inspiration, Babes!

  2. Wonderful to see them all together! Especially Mary’s as she remembered to bring the cheese and paté and red wine!!!

  3. Natashya sort of accentuates what your round up shows, everybody but Mary forgot to bring wine … I can assure you that we did enjoy all 6 loaves with plenty of wine 😉

  4. Mimi, I’m usually more inspired in cool weather, but these all looked fantastic!
    Baking Soda, yeah…. I can buy a stick, still warm from the oven for 75 cents… Hard to beat.
    Natashya, cheese and wine are a necessary component ;-))
    Tana, 6?!?!? That’s a lot of wine 😉
    You are so welcome, Lien
    Susan, and what a wonderful tribute you organized.

  5. Hey now, wait a minute. I’m sure I remembered to bring wine (a lovely sangiovese – oops!!! shhhhhhh, that’s NOT French)! I certainly remember pouring the wine. And drinking it. And noting how well it went with the bread….
    Excellent roundup, as always, Katie.

  6. Wonderful round up Katie…thanks for doing this each month. Wish I could slip you at least one of the slices through the internet…just enough to not interfere with the diet. Will have to remember next time to add wine to the photo…it does look so good that way…and tastes good, too.