Zucchini and Herb Phyllo Pies — 10 Comments

  1. How does all this happen to you? … then you manage to make me laugh with it and understand only to well … we do it again.
    Love the little pies, just what I’ve been thinking of.

  2. I would really enjoy having this tonight. I like things in phyllo dough. The tomato-yoghurt sauce sounds perfect.
    A few weeks after we got back from Paris, we found evidence of mice. Got ’em both in a few days. Thankfully they were not in the ceiling!

  3. My heart bleeds for the man who has to cut a hole in his just-finished ceiling to catch the blankety-blank mouse! And for you, who is not getting enough sleep.

  4. P.S. Use peanut butter or something of that consistency, so he has to lick it off and can’t scamper away with the cheese. Gets the little buggers every time!

  5. We have similar woofing issues – not at farmers or mice but at the blasted possums who are PROTECTED but eat every new shoot on every plant !

  6. I have been looking for dishes to use up that prolific zucchini in the gear den. This is perfection in a light filo crust!

  7. Tanna, just lucky I guess LOL
    Pam, not funny at 4 am.’-)
    Mimi, I don’t think there’s a way to keep them out of a building this old…. I just want them out of the bedroom ceiling!!!
    Zoomie, it’s keeping him up too… He didn’t have a problem with the hole LOL
    We put peanut butter on the cheese – ate it all. We got a new trap to try tonight.
    manningroad, ooooh That would make me very angry… I think I’d sic the dogs on them ;-))
    Val, one can never have too many zucchini recipes.

  8. Oh dear, I can so relate to dogs barking at night and the do it all again thing an hour later. Amid your tiredness however, your humor prevails and you made me laugh. And do I have a mouse trap for you!