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Pasta with Fresh Tomato, Olive and Avocado Sauce — 5 Comments

  1. I love the colors in that dish, Katie.
    I also love the rituals of an old house without AC: Opening the doors and windows to let in the cool or keeping them shut against the cold. On hot mornings, I open everything until the house cools, then close it all and turn on the fans. By 4:30 when we come home, the house is comfortable.
    And of course there is the French ritual of opening and closing the shutters.

  2. Sounds wonderful. When we lived in St. Louis our house did not have air conditioning. I always felt so much more in tune with nature and the flow of the days.

  3. We don’t have Air Con much to the horror of many but I don’t mind the heat and I keep the outside blinds down all summer but I too have the am and pm ritual of shutting up the house and then re opening when it cools down. I also have foolish dogs that lie outdoors in the heat !!

  4. Beautiful! I have never thought of adding avocado to my pasta, but I love the idea, and I can only imagine the creaminess it adds. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Mimi, but AC would be nice at times…. We’re so bad – don’t close the shutters every night LOL
    Pam, in tune, yes…. Hot, yes…. Thankfully we have fans and that seems to handle it.
    manningroad, I don’t like the house closed up – I even tend to open things up in winter. Mornings are best.
    Monat, avocado is great in pasta….