Pork, Mushroom and Pepper Stroganoff — 8 Comments

  1. They had an ADVENTURE! and are probably dreaming of deer. You and your husband may be dreaming of epsom salts and a house with lazy, slow basset hounds.
    Now I’m dreaming of Stroganoff for cooler temperatures. We don’t eat hot food for dinner right now as temps in the evening hover around 35C. And that at 4000 feet / 1220 meters. Our Northern breeds are hibernating under the A/C and fans right now.

  2. I like your stroganoff with the pork and barley. It sounds really delicious but it’s near 100 degrees here today so want to try it when it cools down.
    I’m so glad you found the dogs. That’s pretty scary! Trouble looks so sweet and innocent…

  3. When I had two dogs, they would take off together unless I kept one of them on the leash – then the other would stay with us. One time, they were gone for three days – scared me to death! Finally got a call from a guy five miles away who had seen them, enticed Tilly to come to him and read our phone number off her collar. Chica wouldn’t let them get near her, but she came right to me when I came to pick up Tilly. From that experience, I learned always to have one or the other on a leash.

  4. I’m so envious! It hasn’t turned cool here yet (yesterday was poisonously hot). I can’t wait until it is cool enough (but not cold, mind. I’d prefer it to stay cool and crisp…) so that we can have pork, mushroom and pepper stroganoff too. It sounds fantastic.

  5. Dan, yes it was an adventure – for all of us…. We’ll never know the whole story LOL That’s HOT for that elevation. When we lived in the mountains it always cooled down at night.
    Pam, it just cooled off here a few days ago – so nice to be able to sleep again. Yes, it was scary…
    Zoomie, Good idea… It would have to be Bonnie LOL. I thought Guapa would stay with me, which is why I let them both off. She usually stays close. I’ve learned. In 8 years we’ll try again.
    Elizabeth, I would be happy with cool and crisp all year – maybe a hot break in summer, but skip the cold. After the heat it’s nice to have an ‘indoor cooking’ night.

  6. I love the recipe but it’s the dogs’ story that caught my eye. Any dog lover/owner who’s had an escapade like this as I have knows the stress you were under. Guilty looks aside, I think mine were really glad to get home – covered in mud and other stuff we won’t mention but is really stinky.

  7. Even though you told the Trouble story with your usual sense of humor, I can imagine just how anxiety-producing the whole event must have been. Losing one’s dogs is not fun. I’m glad it all turned out well. But, do we really have to wait 8 years for more adventures? 😉

  8. Maureen, I think ours (at least Guapa) were very happy to see us. If only I thought that would stop them the next time. They will stay on leashes – or at least one of them will…. Older dogs are so much easier LOL
    Christine, I was a mix of furious and terrified…. Bonnie’s already taken off through the farmer’s field here. Guapa stayed by me and my pocket of treats so Bonnie came back.