Puppies and Pigs

First the pig:

This is the ham that Núria (of Spanish Recipes) brought for me.

It was the best ham I've had since the last time I was in Spain.

This was the good stuff.

Lesser hams are cut neatly, in nice, pretty slices. 


The really good stuff is cut in ragged slices.

But the real key to recognizing the good stuff is the 'white' (aka: the fat). 

In really good Spanish ham the white is almost liquid at room temperature.  You know what that means…. It's leaning toward being a monounsaturated fat.

Melon  with ham
So it's healthy.

As well as the best slice of ham that will ever pass your lips!

Second the puppies:

Mon mari had carpel tunnel repair surgery last week so he's back to lazing around again.

So…. Rather than the usual update I thought I'd do puppy pics: this summer v last summer.

Last summer photos are on the top.

They still play rough…..


They still like to show their bellies to the world – especially on hot days.

Their coats, particularly their tails are much, much longer.

Their faces are more mature.


And they still like to spend their time together.

They look angelic, don't they?

They're not…. They're plotting their next caper.

10 thoughts on “Puppies and Pigs”

  1. The ham seems supremely delicious. The hams below that seem like what dog handlers called a “bonded pair.” They’ll never want to leave each other, I think.

  2. That ham does look pretty darned good.
    Dan makes a good point. They are sort of hamming it up.
    BTW, I went to a dog walk on Saturday in a park that was only allowing dogs for the morning. They do have fun together, just like little kids.

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to ton mari – I hope it’s not too painful. And give each of those sweet, innocent little puppies a pat for me. 🙂

  4. Christine, deal…..
    Phoenicia, more fun reading than handling LOL, now they’re into raiding the fruit trees.
    Dan, the ham was fantastic! They are definitely a pair!!!
    Mimi, they’re always acting up… showing off…. much like children. The ham is incredible.
    manningroad, they thank you for your kind words….
    Tanna, it is wonderful, isn’t it? With a bit of bread and a glass of red.
    Zoomie, he was bored in a day… no pain, the inactivity is going to be the end of one of us LOL

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