Summer Vegetable Melange — 8 Comments

  1. Hmmm … maybe this isn’t a mouse. Whatever it is, it’s very clever. I’m going to try to find a photo of my mouse trap and email it to you.
    There is nothing I like better than an impromptu stir fry – from the fridge, garden, wherever. Yours sounds wonderful.

  2. This mouse sounds like something from an old-school American cartoon. But given your stir-fry prowess, how about stir-fried cheese with a peanut sauce for the little rascal?

  3. Dan’s spot on: That is one wily mouse.
    I love the melange, though, my kind of meal.
    Got to do a clean out the fridge week here.

  4. Talking of naughty animals – I found the Cocopop in bed with a bunch of bananas plucked from the fruit bowl. She had peeled one and was halfway through it !!! What dog does that ??

  5. And of course, since you made it with this and that, it was unique. I often make soups that way: serendipity often makes the best meal.

  6. Christine, we do a lot of impromptu stir-fries this time of year….
    Zoomie, not really – we hear him dragging the trap (It has a string attached so we don’t lose it)
    Tanna, great idea – next time I’m putting it on a pizza!
    Dan, all of our critters are from cartoons!
    Mimi, we loved it too! That’s how one eats from the garden ;-)) Sometimes it’s all one, sometimes it;s a bit of everything…..
    manningroad, Bonnie’s and Guapa’s great, great granny loved bananas…. but she ate the peels, too.
    Simona, it’s the only way to make soup! Or, at least the only way I make soup.