Vitello Tonnato; the update — 9 Comments

  1. I love summer, too, and it’s been great being able to visit you here and see the progress on your house.
    I have some hanging tomatoes, an experiment mon mari wanted to try. They have three small ones, and I am going to have one eggplant and one green pepper.
    I might have two squash, and that’s it.

  2. I have had a chicken dish “Tonnato” and it was delicious and intriguing. I could hardly believe the sauce was made with canned tuna – so I know a bit about your birthday dish. I’m glad ton mari is coming around.

  3. Did I leave a bad comment and you deleted it 😉 well I was sure I left one.
    The mantel is grand.
    We had a tomato plant like that one year that volunteered in the middle of the flower bed. We couldn’t believe how many tomatoes it produced and how really huge it got. This year it’s so hot nothing even blooms.

  4. Happy Birthday Katie. Love your mantel. Can’t say I would love the tonnato, but that is the fun of birthdays. All day belongs to you alone.

  5. Happy Birthday Katie! If it’s on the 13th, well that’s amazing, because so is mine! And if you and your husband share the same day, that’s incredible! Dinner looked delicious!

  6. Phoenicia, I have it tied to everything I can find to keep it upright LOL
    Mimi, the tomatoes and sweet corn were crazy this year, but not the squash… I told mon mari we’ll be eating more cauliflower this winter LOL
    Val, come for a week – we’ll make a big batch of it all LOL
    manningroad, I have this plant, and the one next to it has produced 1 tomato all summer. Go figure!
    Zoomie, chicken would be good – and I use the leftover sauce on pasta… delish!
    Tanna, not me! I’m a clueless but grateful gardener LOL
    Penny, you could eat with mon mari….. I’ll have your share.
    Kirsten, nope, I’m the 12th = hubs is June. Happy Belated Birthday!