Zucchini Fettuccine with Pesto Rosso — 12 Comments

  1. What a great way to do zucchini – I like keeping ingredients to a minimum. I’m always intrigued by recipes with five ingredients or less.
    It’s fair time here, too. Art shows, county fairs – love it!

  2. A beautiful and simple way to serve zucchini; the BEST way. I love this! And I want to go to that Medieval fair next year! Can’t wait for more photos.

  3. This is amazing! Lovely that you have these festivals to experience and how the whole town gets into it!
    And yummy zucchini!!

  4. I love cold zucchini strips served and eaten like carpaccio but I have never thought to serve them hot in place of spaghetti. I love this idea, especially with pesto – red or green. Great idea!

  5. Mimi, it was simple, easy and delicious…. what more can one ask for?
    Phoenicia, it was fun… even had chocolate crepes!
    Christine, I was pleased with how it turned out…. I’m running low on zucchini ideas….
    Val, they seem to produce forever!
    Joey, it was fun… We have to figure out how to find more of them. They seem to be very local.
    Meredith, did he really? We went almost every year when we lived there…. Did you go with him?
    manningroad, the French do a lot of free things – subsidized by the gov, (taxes) LOL
    Ina, the zucchini and the festival were both good!
    Zoomie, I am too – still and after all we’ve seen. It’s amazing!
    Jamie, it really made a great starter – light enough for the hot weather (that we were having)
    Thanks, Simona!