Grilled Scallops on Avocado Sauce — 12 Comments

  1. Scallops and avocado, both on my favourite food list! This sounds great! My husband told me I was mean for insisting he takes the spiders out of the house as they were house spiders! Having said that the other night he took the giant one that nearly crawled on him not just out of the house but beyond the garden too!

  2. The inside and outside are the same here so the spiders are everywhere. Not mean ones though; mostly benign, mostly.

  3. We have tons of cockroaches here in lovely Florida. Ewww just the thought of them gives me goosebumps…

  4. Well who knew. I have seen pretty large spiders looking for their mates here in the house. That does not make me confident:D As for the avocado sauce it would be lovely on all of the dishes you mentioned.

  5. Avocado sauce sounds great Katie. The spiders Ooooooh
    Luckily in our area we only get mainly Daddy Long Legs
    The rest stay outside but we do get big native cockroaches. They are not the ghastly fifthly kind, they just look nasty. They seem to come inside to die.
    So up the vacuum cleaner they go

  6. Both scallops and avocados are on the pricey side here. But this looks like a “must have this” dish. Maybe for our next splash out dinner.
    I did not know that about indoor vs outdoor spiders. I’m going to pretend I don’t know about it next time I see the kind of spider that looks like a hobo spider inside. I don’t care that it’s probably not a hobo spider. But I really don’t care for spiders that lunge.
    But the little hopping wolf spiders are welcome to stay. I like the way they look at me when I notice them hopping across the kitchen window. 🙂

  7. I never thought to make an avocado sauce for scallops – great idea.
    As for spiders, I’m trying those hedge balls to see if they really help keep spiders away…

  8. Wow. Talk about heavenly! This looks so very good! We love scallops too, and I imagine that this sauce would be perfect for those buttery pieces of seafood gold. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Jayne, how very brave of him…. I saw a house once with a spider ladder in the tub. I’m not that nice.
    Phoenicia, temperament has nothing to do with it…. It’s all about size!
    Cindy, do they eat spiders?
    Val, I encourage them to go prowl outside….
    Gilli, we get a lot of daddy long legs to – they spin webs faster than a blink…. I’m not scared of them.
    Elizabeth, the little hopping ones are fine…. I’d look up hobo spiders, but then I’d half to look at them.
    manningroad, I totally agree!
    Mimi, nothing we’ve tried helps. The avocado sauce helps a little, though LOL
    Monet, thanks – it really works well together (IMHO)
    Zoomie, really – who knew? And I didn’t really want to know….
    Frank, does that mean I have to put up with this until Halloween?!?!?