Potato and Tomato Gratin — 9 Comments

  1. OMG – I think I have killed 1000’s of those disgusting critters in my life time. Have you noticed when you stomp them there is no blood? What’s that all about?
    (Spiders eat bugs, maybe they eat centepides.)

  2. I’ve taken a break from zucchini, too, but they are on my list for the Tuesday market. Sadly, because I live in a house that is old by American standards – circa 1896 – I get no break from spiders. Centipedes come out of the woodwork – literally – in fall.

  3. Centipede time of year here too. This week one came out of the tub overflow while I was in the bath. I flew to the kitchen to get the scissors and had to find it again while dripping everywhere. I cut it up into many pieces. They all moved for a bit. Birds eat centipedes here. Too bad the birds are outside.

  4. I like all your gratins! As soon as I get some tomatoes in my CSA box, I need to try making some myself. I have potatoes from my garden too.

  5. When people wax lyrical about France the creepy crawlies are never mentioned !! You seem to have more encounters than me living in Australia although that might be to do with you being rural. I don’t like spiders and would wake up the whole neighbourhood if need be rather than leave it on the loose till morning – it might breed in that time !!!

  6. Lynda, I have never, personally, gotten close enough to kill, by stomping or other means…. And, actually centipedes eat spiders. That thought doesn’t help. Thanks for the new email ‘-))
    Mimi, they crawl out of the stones, here… I usually suffer them for 2 months in the fall and 1 in the spring with sporadic sightings in the winter. I can handle both outside – I can get away LOL
    Phoenicia – you got close enough to it to cut it?!?!? Much braver than I would be. The best I’ve done is lacquered one to the wall back in the hair spray days,
    Simona, thanks – I wish I had potatoes…. Maybe I’ll try them next year.
    manningroad, we have scorpions, too – but further south than our house. Rural and 300 year old house… nothing stays out….

  7. My grandmother used to make a dish with potatoes, tomatoes, and onions. Instead of cheese, however, she used a bechamel-like sauce. Sometimes, she’d add browned ground meat. Thanks for the memory…in NYC we’ve got different creepy crawlies. Good luck! 🙂