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Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce — 10 Comments

  1. I used to cook a tomato sauce and freeze it. No more. I cook the tomatoes for a few minutes — OK, about 20 minutes as we live at altitude — and run them through a food mill. Then I add fresh basil and thyme, minced as small as I can get it so as not to have “brown bits” in the sauce, and freeze all that. Then, in the winter, I’ll thaw it and make of it what I will. No salt, no pepper, no oregano, no tomato paste. It’s like a breath of summer from the freezer in the winter.

  2. Your abundance might help the poor. If you have a soup kitchen or a food bank in your area, they would probably be grateful for whatever you and your mari can’t eat by yourselves. Just an idea. Maybe France doesn’t have food banks or soup kitchens – but you could ask the priest in your town – they would surely know.

  3. It is funny to think you are busy harvesting and I am just starting to re plant for the summer. I put in leeks and purple carrots at the weekend plus coriander and a big basil.

  4. Katie – I make a very similar pasta sauce – it is an Italian dish called Checca sauce – so fresh and yummy! So nice to have a freezer full of summer goodness!

  5. Anyone who employs the phrase,”I’m enjoying every wicked bite” can do no wrong in my book. Waste away!!

  6. Greg, yes…. It’s wonderful ;-))
    Christine, it’s dwindling fast.
    foodwandering, it really is the best way to eat it
    Dan, I cooked the sauce but mainly just to reduce it – less space. The chopped I just freeze.
    Zoomie, It’s a good ides, but I’ve never seen any sign of either in this area…. or homeless people or people begging for that matter. I think the farmers and families take care of their own… But I’ll ask at the mairie next time I’m there.
    manningroad, while I am looking forward to stopping for awhile, I know in another few months I’ll be seriously envying you LOL
    Ina, yes, I love having me freezer full – I’m ready (not really)
    Lana, I do that with the cherry tomatoes, but chop the big ones to save room.
    Tv Food, thanks…. I consider the compost pile recycling….