Stewed Tomatoes — 9 Comments

  1. Katie – I hope some how the dog returns…it could still happen! I love your stewed tomatoes. We always just used them in other dishes, but I would love to eat this on it’s own as a side dish – yum!

  2. Zoomie, thanks…
    Christine, we can only hope….
    manningroad, that would be wonderful.
    Ina, there have been phone calls of sightings but always at night…. hard to track down. I’m so glad I remembered these!

  3. I like the new home in the mountains theory. I’d like that myself.
    As for the stewed tomato recipe, thank you. I’ve been thinking about that myself.
    A tomato called “Summer Cider” – now that sounds sweet!

  4. I would go with the happy home in the mountains as well!
    My plants never produced much this year but a local farmer had plenty of heirlooms this year so I bought a lot from them. In the end I had so many that I slow roasted them and preserved them for the middle of winter when i am desperate for a nice tomato flavour!

  5. I would love to believe Misty is well fed and happy in some tucked away mountain cabin. Hope your weekend is going well. I loved your dinner party post. I remember that was the way it was done shortly after I got married in the early 70’s. Dinner Parties were all about impressing your guests, remaining gracious, and pulling your hair out in the kitchen. I am enjoying a much more relaxed style of entertaining today.

  6. Mimi, I bought the Summer Cider because of it’s name…. and it was delicious!
    JDeQ, the heirlooms did really well for me this year. Heirlooms are only starting to be available here.
    Penny, I try to relax and still impress – not succeeding terribly well though, LOL