Stuffed Chard Leaves with Creamy Chive Sauce — 14 Comments

  1. About the same way you do. And I too truly hate it. And my mother’s house was always spotless. And when I became a teenager she made me do the dusting and vacuuming (Hoovering). Maybe that’s why I hate house cleaning. Hate house cleaning, love the stuffed chard leaves! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Great looking recipe! I’ll have to give this one a try.
    I don’t like cleaning either, but it is a necessary evil. 🙂 If we didn’t sweep from time to time we would be wading through piles of dog and cat hair!

  3. I clean only when it’s clearly necessary and, even then, not particularly well. My mother cleaned one room a day, thoroughly, and never spring cleaned because every room was thoroughly cleaned every week or two, depending on the number of rooms in whichever house we were living in at the time. Her house was immaculate; I have to admit that I think that was a waste of her talents.

  4. Love those little bundles! What are they tied with? I must have missed it; bad night last night and I am not tracking.
    I don’t like cleaning, but once I get going, I don’t mind doing it. I putter around a lot, one room at a time. Or, failing that, one layer of debris at a time.

  5. I loathe cleaning and it happens in sporadic bursts. The dogs generate most of the mess as in dust and fur but don’t lift a paw to help. It’s a dog’s life in this household !!!

  6. Looks wonderful, I like the idea of bundling them. =)
    I hate cleaning. my mum would force us cleaning the house very saturday morning. Everybody would be in a bad mood on that day. lol but at least the house was allways perfectly clean. I had kept a weekly full on clean for my house, but even that got altered after some time. 😉

  7. Christine, I had to clean the kitchen… hated it. And iron the dishtowels and handerkerchiefs LOL
    Loulou, same with the dog hair – and brushing them seems to make it worse!
    Zoomie, exactly – waste of talents…. better things to do and all that!
    Mimi, they’re not tied, just rolled. What looks like a ‘tie’ is just the vein from the chard stem.
    Tanna, much rather do anything – eating is always high on the list.
    manningroad, my dogs are pretty worthless that way as well. They bring it in but won’t take it out.

  8. I tend to clean when the dust bunnies finally follow me down the hall and I can write Dust Me on the furniture. In essence, when even I can’t stand looking at it anymore and I’m pretty lenient.
    Excited to try the recipe though the chard leaves here usually are the tough, thick kind. I rarely make chard because of that, but I’ll see what I can find. Thanks!

  9. Oh man, Kate, this is evil! I want a plate of these! That creamy chive sauce is fabulous and the sausage rolls just make a really good meal. Delicious. You keep on putting a creative twist to all the simple foods I learned to make from my French Mother-in-law.
    Cleaning? What? Who?

  10. Theo, I try not to disturb the dust by writing in it…. And I hate it when other people do ;-))
    Jamie, you had a French mother-in-law to teach you? Lucky…. I keep thinking I’m inventing stuff LOL
    Elizabeth, I figure once every few months or whenever strangers might see it…. my mother would be so appalled. I keep doors shut so I don’t have to clean the rooms.