SweetCorn Cakes — 9 Comments

  1. The puppies may not have been digging up the geraniums so much as they were trying to dig up something else that was burrowing under those geraniums… If a bunny is inside the fence, other critters might be, too. I have to say that I sympathize with someone who must dispose of dead animals before coffee – no fair!

  2. Oh, and, the corn cakes sound delish but I’d probably start with raw kernels as they will cook enough as you fry them. That sounds like something that would make a great vegetarian main dish.

  3. Your corn cakes look and sound delicious and I wish I had one now. Sadly, our corn has been crappy here this summer, like most veggies, due to lack of rain and excessive heat. The ears are maybe half full and lacking taste. My FIL swore that lightening was great for gardens, a natural fertilizer. He thought he was an authority on most things, but I think he was actually correct about that! Your puppies are so adorable; I can’t imagine anything but spoiling them!

  4. I love your corn cakes. I hope they will hold together without flour. Would you mind awfully much if I add bacon?
    The continuing saga of the puppies; your stories make my day. Do you think you will ever compile them all into a book. I’d be first in line to make a purchase.

  5. Mmmm…I just love making corn cakes this time of year! Yours sound delicious! 🙂

  6. Zoomie, I think it’s the ‘crapaud’ – toads in the geraniums. I would have used raw corn too, but I only had the cooked.
    Pam, lightening for gardens – I’ll remember that. Not easy to plan for though.
    Christine, bacon would be good… Bacon is always good.
    Mimi, salmon is always good, too.
    Christina, this is my first – but not last (well, last for this year, corn is done)
    manningroad, twice per day?!?!? Well done!
    Jayne, and we had an exceptional year for corn – but no green beans,,,,