Zucchini (Courgette) Stuffed with Sausage and Tomatoes — 8 Comments

  1. Not sure which I’m laughing at harder:
    “a turd, floating in a pool of fat, in the middle of the little zucchini boats”
    “I would have to look at it. Not possible.”
    The house is looking fabulous!!
    (I actually like to see the spider 😉

  2. I’m scrolling up and down and can’t decide whether to admire the zucchini boat or the dining room more. Since the fantastic dining room renovation is anything but a turd, I’m going for those photos. What fantastic work! I have memories of observing renovations in Europe, and I’m much appreciative of your husband’s talent.
    And how on earth do you get avocados there, anyway? I thought they were unique to the Americas.

  3. I can’t add to the previous comments – they all said what I would have said. Congrats on a beautiful dining room and on a delicious zucchini dish and on not having any spiders on your screen.

  4. Tanna, if you and Mimi want to see them – come on over and look – you can even take them outside!
    Dan, we get them from Peru, actually…. and from Spain. Lots in Spain.
    manningroad, me too….
    Zoomie, thanks – on all counts
    Val – mine are done….