Beef and Mushroom Stuffed Peppers; the update — 8 Comments

  1. Those peppers look great, Katie. I have been buying whoppers from a local farm, and experimenting. One night I just chopped everything I had on hand, sauteed it and stuffed the pepper with it – and it was great.
    The red peppers I found were moist and tender and tasty. Not a bit like the green peppers we usually use (not with Minute Rice, though!).
    I don’t envy you the project, but it will be nice when it is finished.

  2. We’ve been having such a run of beautiful and inexpensive peppers the past few weeks and I’ve been stretching my brain for creative stuffings. But I would have never have thought of this combo. I cannot wait to try this.

  3. These stuffed peppers look fabulous! Can’t even compare them to the traditional version.

  4. Mimi, that was the first ever recipe I had for them (the Minute Rice – is it still on the market?) LOL I like all colors of peppers – and I like stuffing with leftover bits.
    Val, that sounds wonderful!
    jeri, I hope you like it…. Stuffed peppers are one of the first things I make when the cooking moves back inside in the fall.
    manningroad, this whole house was a huge project – way more than epected (as always) I hated those mushy peppers…..
    Joanne, stuffed peppers CAN be good LOL

  5. OMG your renovations! Hysterical! I saw the first picture and got scared thinking I was seeing my own! I love watching someone else go through the experience, and I will say mine is soooo much easier than yours! I cannot wait to see the finished house! And ooooh these stuffed peppers are so much better than my mom’s! I love the mushroom sauce wow.