Green Shrimp Creole — 8 Comments

  1. Grown up, dead mice, no hot water, hot water, no hot water … I say let’s just have dinner, green shrimp creole sounds about right and wine … we’ll contemplate the hot water and green rice, I like to make green rice with some mild pablano peppers and then some cilantro but perhaps we should contemplate that also, more wine you say … yes.

  2. Sounds like trying times !! When I have a bad run like you have just experienced I tell myself to get a grip and be thankful we have food on the table, a roof over our head and that we are not at war but having no hot water makes it very hard to get a grip, it would push me to the limit too !!

  3. Iwould think some parsly, cilantro, or basil would color the rice a nice green. If you just want green and a mild flavor I would say a little parsly or cilantro a stronger flavor would call for more of those or basil. I would color the cooking liquid with it before adding it to the rice…

  4. What a sad catalogue of problems! Don’t you just hate weeks like that, when it feels like the world is ganging up on you? I hope next week is easier.

  5. Tanna, with enough wine I cease to care about the rest… A lot to be said about having enough wine.
    manningroad, I try to keep all that in mind, and usually succeed, but it’s hard when I’m freezing and need a shower LOL
    Gayle, parsley would have been perfect! I’ve lots in my garden still….
    Dottie, sadly, I’m one of those people with the bad cilantro gene. Too bad, cause the hubs loves it!
    Zoomie, especially when I have a sneaking suspicion that someone, who shall remain nameless, inadvertently caused it all LOL

  6. What Tanna said. About wine.
    Really, why do all those things happen at once? Maybe it’s because when it all happens at one time, you just have to see the humor of it.

  7. Mimi, I think it’s someone feeding me blog ideas…. someone with a nasty sense of humor!