Linguini with Meat Sauce — 7 Comments

  1. Glad to hear about the furnace, Katie. We woke to weather that was 30 degrees colder than a mere 24 hours ago.
    What is it about the sight of noodles of any kind that melts my resistance to carbs? That really looks tasty; it’s exactly the sort of thing we always make when we rent in France. On the subject of food packets of any kind, one thing I love about grocery shopping at Carrefour and Leclerc (and FranPrix and MonoPrix and Shopi) is the variety of packets and boxes and ready-made stuff.

  2. Your furnace has a like a compute screen… Wow advanced. Maybe it will get a virus 🙂
    First time I’ve ever commented.. love your blog.

  3. Ok .. let me try this again with good english doing. I could claim it wasn’t my first language to justify that complete hash I made of it.
    I’ve never seen a furnace with a screen on it. Seems very fancy and advanced. Hope it can’t get a computer virus. Love your blog. This is the first time I’ve commented.
    There we go. I can english and so can I.

  4. Mimi, the weather turned very fast here, too. It’s fun cooking at a rental, isn’t it? Inspires creativity!
    Wonky, it’s just a little tiny one… just showing a few settings… but, yes, it is modern for this old house. And thanks for visiting and commenting…. come back lots ;-))
    Tanna, you’re right – just enjoy, I’ll do that!
    Zoomie, it was!
    Kate, I do hope so! It’s already winter here…. not happy, but warm LOL