Mushrooms Stuffed with Couscous and Feta — 5 Comments

  1. You’ve sauted the mushrooms to stuff, I usually bake mine. Take the stem out and turn them stem down on a rack. Bake 375° 7 to 10 minutes to sort of “juice” them. Have to try the sauté thing.

  2. My mother used to get us kids to hunt up mushrooms for her, then she would pick them over and discard any about which she wasn’t absolutely sure. It was fun for us and delicious – as long as we followed her strictures NEVER to eat any before she had looked them over.

  3. I love these mushrooms and the orange tomato sauce sounds delicious too, shared on Google+ I hope that you don’t mind. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Lovely recipe. I will try using millet instead of couscous, as I just got some locally grown millet. In Italy, every year some people die or get sick because of wild mushrooms. Much as I would like to learn to pick wild mushrooms here, I prefer to stick to what I know to be safe.

  5. Tanna, I saute so they can soak up the Worcestershire…. and it dries them out a bit.
    Zoomie, I’ve eaten the ones with the pick frills – until I found out about the ones with the white frills LOL
    Thanks, Suz, much appreciated.
    Simona, I’ve never tried millet – haven’t seen it here. Yeah, I’m not confident enough to pick my own – and eat them.