Perfect Fall Pizza for 2 — 6 Comments

  1. I love homemade pizza. Mon mari likes to have it delivered. But I grew up with homemade, usually on Saturday night when it was packed with leftovers.
    I think the best part of pizza is sharing it. When I was single, pizza on a Friday or Saturday night with friends was as good as it got. Same thing with family.

  2. We always have home made pizza too – virtually never do we get it delivered. Oh that is not totally correct – the children get it delivered to them and their plates after I make it !!

  3. Mimi, we’ve never lived anywhere where pizza was delivered or even where it was convenient to pick one up on the way home…. So pizzeria pizza is a treat – but home made is the norm. This is just so easy I can do it without planning.
    manningroad, in that sense we do get pizza delivery ;-))

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  5. Wow is that some pizza! I love pizza and make it once a week but next time I think I’ll pick up some puff pastry and do it your way. I love it! I always do a traditional pizza week after week but I’m loving getting inspired by your choice of toppings. A winner. And a better meal I think.

  6. CJ, Thanks – I’ll be over to check it out.
    Jamie, I really like how easy it is…. It’s nice to have an easy dinner sometimes. Plus, it’s lighter 😉