Turkey and Pepper Risotto — 8 Comments

  1. I want your cookbook! You are so brave for venturing out of the present. I sometimes live in the passé composé, but that’s about it. Trying to follow along with my girls homework helps m,e a little…

  2. The bathroom is gorgeous – just my taste too !! And re the subjunctive – well I remember that from school – the horrors have never left me !!

  3. Being one of those who said to write a book,be assured I’ll buy one. Bathroom is way cool too. Oh, my Spanish uses manana for the future and I point behind me for past.

  4. Great bathroom and great news that you are going to write a book! I, for one, will buy it and likely extra copies as presents. Bonne Chance!

  5. Meredith, it’s a big leap for me…. For years I was told by teachers it wasn’t needed (English teaching French) The French French teacher says we absolutely need to know it… Sigh….
    manningroad, thanks – yeah, the horrors are all coming back (I had it in school, too)
    Gary, thanks – I’ll pass on the kind words.
    Phoenicia, that’s how I’ve gotten buy for years – future was ‘I’m going to’ followed by the verb LOL I’ll hold you to that.
    Thanks, Ina – on both counts.
    Zoomie, and also, thanks, on both counts ;-))

  6. Interesting, I love this dish its already complete, the rice, veggies, and meat which are really a delicious ingredients.