White Beans with Chard — 5 Comments

  1. I love this bean and chard combo! Perfect for this time of the year! Gosh I don’t envy all your dead critters, that was a run of bad luck!

  2. Eeeks, too many dead critters! Poor you! But the bean dish sounds really good and I like the idea of riffs on the bean dish all winter long.

  3. That sounds fabulous – the white beans with chard, not the lifeless creatures. How I envy your vegetable garden! I’d love to gather chard from our back yard (too hot and/or too shady)
    Recently, we made a somewhat similar dish with spinach, ground meat and chickpeas and love it. What starch did you have your white beans with? (We served rice)

  4. Jayne, it really was a good combo – will do it again. The dead critters were just creepy!
    Zoomie, I’m so squeamish – the thoughts give me bad dreams. Love beans!
    manningroad, fortunately, we don’t go there…. it’s a field full of bunnies. Maybe they’ll take the hint.
    Elizabeth, ooohhh, adding some meat would be good. Rice would have been great (I love beans and rice) – but, since the hubs is a Type 1 diabetic, the beans were all the carbs we had at that dinner.