Wild Boar Stew, El Gordo — 8 Comments

  1. Now that I have tasted elk stew, can wild boar stew be far behind? Elk stew was very good – so tender!

  2. Katie, Pardon, but I am not versed in European Measures, what do you mean by ‘cl’?? Do you think this would work well for venison ??? (family hunters)
    Thanks, Dianne

  3. Mimi, I’ve heard elk is delicious – never had a chance to try it.
    Pam, it’s crazy with people buying lottery tickets.
    Linda, you’re welcome ;-))
    manningroad, kangaroo?
    dianne, it’s centilitres. Let’s see – 24cl in a cup so 2cl is about 1 1/2 tbs. And now that I think about it… he only used a bottle of wine, which is 750ml (or 75cl) and not a full litre. Still, I wrote down the recipe, not what he did LOL. It works great with venison – I can buy venison locally. And lucky you with all that game… yum!

  4. Now armed with the good recipe, where can I get wild boar please? (I haven’t have wild boar since we were in France.)
    Lucky you, Mimi! I’ve had venison and moose stews but I’ve never tried elk.