Braised Chicken with Rice — 8 Comments

  1. I get the country life. We are surrounded by a forest of trees at Lake Lure and critters are plentiful. Just part of the beauty of nature; but maggots would freak me out. I kind of like your attitude about the slow cooker. Although I use mine to great success, I love the puttering in the kitchen before dinner while enjoying that lovely glass of wine or two. Your chicken looks lovely. Hope it cooked long and slow. More time to putter.

  2. Could your husband put mousetraps in that little hole instead? You’d have the “snap!” to wake you up, but the mice could be whisked away before maggots appear.

  3. One tip of the mouse dies in an unreachable location – put freshly ground coffee near where the smell is, and all you will smell is the coffee. I learned that from a flight attendant one time – a baby across the aisle had thrown up and the sour milky smell was everywhere, until the flight attendant sprinkled fresh ground coffee on the spot!

  4. That is disgusting, can’t you have maybe an exterminator come and do something. Traps for sure, that poison that makes them go look for water and then they die. I couldn’t sleep thinking about those things (maggots) falling into my bed.

  5. I did not read the disgusting bit but I am a lover of my crock pot – I don’t use it over summer as I don;t want more heat generated all day long or all night but it makes many appearances over winter !!

  6. I sympathise with you. We have rats in the ceiling and garden and have been putting out bait for the past couple of weeks ( the sort that does not affect pets or owls as we periodically hear Giant Eagle Owls). Two rats died in the garden but the bait is still going and we are waiting for the stench and maggots to start. In our summer heat that does not take long.
    My cast iron pot bought at a vide grenier several years ago is in regular use when we are in France. I have an enamelled one here in SA, also bought in France in 1971. It is used frequently. A tip I learnt from the Chocolate&Zucchini blog is to put bread dough in a cast iron pot with a lid, place in a cold oven set to 230degC and bake for about 40 minutes. I have not had a failure yet!

  7. Val, I think we got lucky – none more sighted
    Penny, there are lots of pressure cookers on sale here, but not slow-cookers. Different mindset totally!
    Dan, he’s tried. the mice are either too small to set them off (we’ve seen them) or two big to get caught (something other than mice)
    Zoomie. good tip – thanks. I’d much rather be smelling coffee!
    Autism News – in a more civilized place that might work – or a more modern house. 300 year old house and barn…. not a chance LOL
    manningroad, I just don’t see them here – French women are into fast (pressure cookers) not slow ;-))
    Gill, living in the country, as we do, there is no way to get rid of all the critters…. Vide grenier – wonderful. Love the bread idea!