Carrot and Basmati Rice Gratin — 6 Comments

  1. I love carrots, everything about them. Thanks for featuring them. I’m going to be doing the same later this week. Love the gratin recipe! Wish mon mari would eat stuff like that.

  2. Carrots (and green beans) are actually my two go-to vegetables for the girls. No matter how I make them, they’ll eat them like candy. Half the time when I’m too busy, I just cut them into carrot sticks or grate them into a simple salad and I know they’ll be happy. Oh, and I’ve been meaning to thank you for the quince/apple recipe you posted a few weeks back. My neighbor gave us some quince and thanks to you, I actually was able to use them!

  3. Mimi, mon mari didn’t used to, but I’m slowly converting him LOL, He does love carrots, though.
    Erin, I’m with your girls, I love them both! Glad you could use the quince… It was my first time but I was pleased with the results (and how easy it was)
    manningroad, bake them, eh? Must try that – I buy a bag every week!