Cranberry Clafoutis — 7 Comments

  1. I adore that clafoutis but as we only get cranberries in tins or frozen I may never get to experience it !! I also probably will never get to experience a Chocolate Fair although that is probably a good thing for the waistline. I will just have to live vicariously after reading your blog !!

  2. Just curious but where do you find cranberries here? I’ve looked at our Super U and at the Biocoop and so far no luck 🙁 Any and all suggestions would be welcome.

  3. Katie,
    I don’t know about a chocolate fair, but yesterday we paid a visit to the Theo Chocolate factory in Seattle. That was dessert after a great lunch at A breakthrough local restaurant. The chocolate was free as there were lots of samples. yum!
    Today we’re off to BC to see what we can see.

  4. Wooo Katie bar the door, I’m on my way out for cranberries. Cranberry Clafoutis! That’s going on my table tonight!
    Pace yourself, yes, that’s a difficult lesson. Hiking mountains I think is a teacher.

  5. I’m glad to hear your desire to accomplish didn’t swamp the chocolate fair. I’m making chocolate truffles today to serve after Thanksgiving and through the holidays. Everyone loves them.

  6. manningroad, I made lots of plum and peach clafoutis all summer long. I love them and love how easy… Thankfully, the Chocolate Fair only happens once a year.
    Erin, not easy, but Carrefour some years, Auchan some years, and Grand Frais (hopefully, this year)
    Brass frog, that is even more fun when one is on holiday… but why are you leaving the warm south this time of year?
    Tanna, I never learned, I’ve always been a ‘hurry-up and wait’ type LOL
    Zoomie, some things are sacred… Truffles… need truffles….