Fried Gnocchi with Butternut Squash and Walnuts; Opinions needed — 16 Comments

  1. Colours and pic best on No.2 but pic needs moving up as too much type at top. No1. looks too old-fashioned & pic of soup is a bit messy.

  2. I’d use the same typeface as on your blog or on the website (and possibly, if the design features allow you to do so, make them the same) for the “Thyme for Cooking”–your brand. I’d make your name bigger and the title smaller. I like the green colors better than the pink/orange-y one, and I agree that the soup picture is less inviting than the other two. For a soup, your image for the chilled yellow tomato soup from a while back might be more eye-catching.

  3. I like photos 2 & 3 better; Soup photo not as flattering. Spelling error in your text, proor reading, which is not of course the cookbooks themselves. I wouldn’t mind being a proof reader… 🙂

  4. I agree with using the same font as the blog title. Because that font has a shadow or “raised” enhanced look, the book’s main title should be simple. I’d used the same font with no enhancements. Or, try Helvetica or Ariel.
    Have you considered (since the intro line, “Thyme for Cooking’s” is flush left, making your book title flush left and moving the food photo to the lower right? Way back when, I was taught that the eye takes in a page upper left to lower right. Just a thought.
    I also thing the subtitles should be in a smaller point size. Maybe even make the food photo smaller. Lots of “white space” is good.
    I liked the top two photos best.
    Fun project. I like walnuts with squash, too.

  5. I like your choice of fonts – simple and clear. I like the color of the third one but would prefer the asparagus tart for the decoration. The food photo on the third one seems too large and busy to me. I could do some proof reading for you as long as you aren’t on a short deadline.
    And how about your name presented slightly larger than it is currently (or in a brighter color).
    Best of luck with this project, Katie. I love the concept.

  6. I like the way all the print in the third one stands out against the background colour but the photo is too fussy . The asparagus in the second would be a better choice but you may need to adjust the colour of some of the font slightly . I think the title should stand out more than your brand because that is generally what people will be looking for but anyone who knows Thyme for Cooking will note that. It will serve to attract more to the blog as well. I enjoy that, particularly as for three months of the year we live in an old farmhouse not far from you on the border of the Dordogne and Charante. At least we don’t have to insulate it against the cold like you!

  7. I’d be glad to help with proof-reading. Best photo #2, but in terms of background color and font color, I prefer #3. Hope this helps.

  8. Asparagus with the green in photo 3. Definitely not #1. Some red in print would be a nice contrast.

  9. Color #2 hands down and sure, I’d be happy to do some proof reading for you (like accommodate has 2 m’s 🙂 )

  10. I like the green book color on #2 best. I like the aspargus, but it bugs me that it’s not on a plate … and I think the photo’s too big and there’s no “white” space on that cover. I definitely think your name should be larger. I like the fonts and colors you’ve chosen, too. I can also proof read for you, if you need someone. Good luck, and be sure and let us know when we can purchase!

  11. I like the suggestions made by fans, and I also think that your name (mark/logo etc) should be larger and in a different typeface. I dasn’t suggest a more radical front cover. Best wishes!

  12. And oh, yes, I’d love to proor-read! We’re getting an early freeze here in the high desert and so yard work will be reduced to a few minutes of cleaning up the debris from winter winds, meaning I’ve got to occupy myself and you can only wash clothes and scrub the counters and brush doggies so many times before cabin fever sets in.

  13. Maggie, thanks – maybe the pic could be smaller?
    Thanks, Marina!
    Karen, thanks – I know that soup… I was picking the easiest photos to make pretty – but I can work on the tomato. With the green it would be a good choice.
    Linda, I’m just so modest LOL… Thanks.
    Meredith, I said I needed help proof reading! LOL…. I’ll take you up on that!
    Thanks, Mimi, all good points – as I would expect from you with your background…. Much appreciated.
    Zoomie, that third photo is too large…. Thanks – and I’ll take you up on your offer.
    Gill, we’re neighbors! Almost…. Thanks for the input. Ah, yes, the insulation project.
    Simona, it does, thanks – and I’ll take you up on your offer!
    Phoenicia, I think it’s getting down to a green background – I like that….
    manningroad, 1950’s!?!?! Okay, I get the hint ;-))
    Betty, thanks on both counts (I need proof reading help!)
    Thanks, Zanne…. I accept your offer, as well.
    Dan, feel free to suggest something more radical… Yes, great suggestions from everyone. It will take me a little time to process it all. Get your red pen ready….