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Roast Parsnips; the update — 5 Comments

  1. Parsnips WERE a part of my childhood – the nightmare part. Mum often steamed them and served them with butter and a bit of nutmeg to go with festive dinners. I can still remember choking back the tears as I tried desperately to swallow (without gagging) my allotted 8th of a small stick of parsnip. It wasn’t until relatively recently that I discovered just how wonderful parsnips are.
    My favourite way to prepare them is as you did (but julienned), tossed with a bit of olive oil and oven-roasted. Maintenant, j’adore les panais!
    But the biggest revelation we’ve had about parsnips is that shredded (ie: grated) raw parsnip is fantastic as a garnish for mussels and shrimp cream soup. (photo here: )

  2. Terrific that the house continues to progress.
    Parsnips, don’t know how long ago it was but recently, I discovered parsnips and oh my yes the sweetness was a joy. And I even roasted some recently and yes! we love them.
    Better late to the party but gosh all those parsnips we missed out on.

  3. Elizabeth, great ideas…. I’ve a convert. But I think I’ll pass on steamed LOL.
    manningroad, thanks, I will!
    Zoomie, yeah, he’s handy – esp. now that they’re both working right again!
    Tanna, glad I’m not the only one late to the party ;-))