Roast Turkey with Sage Stuffing; and a few more words on words — 7 Comments

  1. Rrrrrr… I’ll try that again. JUST as I hit “post”, I got disconnected.
    Nonbland?? Based on that description, if I didn’t already have not one but three silicone scrapers as well as three silicone (if one is good, more must be better) pastry brushes, I would NEVER get a silicone utensil! And how sad that would be. They’re the best.
    Like votre marie, I prefer chicken to turkey (actually, I can’t stand turkey) and always insist on roasting and stuffing 2 chickens or a capon for Thanskgiving and Christmas. I love the sound of basting with stock and coffee! Remind me to try that at Christmas!

  2. That word usage is pretty strange.
    I really love doing a chicken for Thanksgiving especially when the group is small and or when we can’t do leftovers because we’re traveling.

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  4. Phoenicia, I never thought of bland as referring to a color…. more like plain rice cooked in plain water….
    manningroad, me too… very bland.
    Elizabeth, I don’t have much silicone anything – a muffin pan I think is all. The turkey here is actually better here, less dry and more flavor. But we still get a capon… or little chickens.
    jubilada, exactly!
    Tanna, I did a 6lb turkey one year – perfect. Well, I did it near Thanksgiving, we don’t actually celebrate it any longer….