Smoked Salmon and Spinach Risotto, Update? Opinion needed again — 8 Comments

  1. I think the colors should be different on each book. I like the first green cover and the orange the best. I think they look the most ‘appetizing’. I love the food pics on all of them. Maybe a yellow/gold color would work, not sure about the fourth color…
    Fun stuff! I like the fonts that you used too 🙂

  2. I agree that the covers should each have a different color, so that the cook can grab the right one when searching for a favorite recipe. Since you are toning on greens, oranges and gold, how about a gold cover for the two-volume one. I think the food photos can be somewhat larger, maybe even “sliding” behind (is there such a word as “underlapping”?) the text where they meet?
    You might also add “Over 40 recipes” on the cover of volumes 1&2.
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  3. I like the color of the first green one, as it’s fresh and “healthy” looking. I think the yellow text at “First Courses…” could be a shade lighter. I agree with Cindy and Zoomie that the volumes should be a different color, so I’d go with the orange version of Volume 2. And I wonder if “Thyme For Cooking” doesn’t deserve its own font/brand. I.e., a different typeface or even a unique logo.

  4. I too think the colours should be different for each book (say green and gold?) . It makes it easier to pull out the correct one from the shelf. Perhaps the two volume one could be the two colours of the single volumes.
    I would also like to see larger photos and prefer lighter background colours to darker ones. It’s easier to see the titles and the photo of the food. And as Dan Dishes said, put the “Thyme for Cooking” into a different font. I’d be inclined to echo the same font as appears on your blog.
    I love the photo of the soup and I think I prefer to see the asparagus pastry on a plate rather than floating plate-free. And instead of curving the plate for the Asparagus pastry, why not just have it run off the edge of the book? (I hope that made sense!)
    Oh yes, and before I forget, the risotto sounds great!

  5. I am keenest on No 1. I give the Cocopop peanut butter jars too and she decimates them, crunches bits of plastic off the rim – your dogs seem quite polite and restrained eaters when up against her and the insatiable appetite lab genes.

  6. Thanks for all the input everyone… all duly noted, laid out on a spreadsheet, analyzed and then back to photoshop…. Good thing I love playing with photoshop LOL