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Stuffed Baby Acorn Squash — 6 Comments

  1. Funny observation! Does the teacher have BO or something, that s/he is shunned, or are they trying valiantly not to seem to kiss up to the teacher?

  2. Took me a good few seconds to find my way into your blog there – the front page is a lot different than I remember!
    These baby squash look delicious and autumnal.

  3. Linda, French – finally going to a proper school to learn the language LOL
    Zoomie, no, the teacher’s chair has the back to the board – she rarely sits in it, but that means if you sit next to her, you also have your back to the board – where she stands to teach.
    Scott, what can I say – change is inevitable LOL… Thanks, the squash were tasty.
    Brass frog – thanks… Hope you are enjoying yours as well. Still traveling?
    manningroad, isn’t it a hoot? I never did conform very well ;-))