Turkey and Acorn Squash Quiche; the update — 4 Comments

  1. Oh, Katie, how I envy you your closets!! I have exactly two closets: one kind-of walk-in in the bedroom and one coat-cleaning-appliances-spice-rack closet under the stairs. I don’t complain (much) though because I do have hot and cold running water AND propane in the house, which was woefully lacking for a month. Ah retrofitting: It’s the little things.
    I do like your turkey and squash quiche combo and love the rice crust. I also like a barley crust. Enjoy your closets!

  2. You are so lucky – storage and wardrobes are not standard issue with little Art Deco cottages either. This house has ONE built in – perhaps originally was a linen closet but now houses/hides a big central heating pipe. I am slowly having built in wardrobes put in by builders but I don’t think my lust and longing for storage space will ever be satiated.

  3. I actually bought my house because it had amazing closets and storage spaces. I never thought I would be able to fill them up but within a year or two they were packed. My theory is that the stuff inside reproduces when the doors are closed.

  4. Christine, and I thought everyone on your side of the pond had lots of closets.
    manningroad, I am lucky…. I admit it. There is just no way to put built in closets in stone walls. New walls, on the other hand…..
    Zoomie, stuff expands to fill the space – just like work expands to fill the day…. LOL