Christmas Breads: Cranberry and Pumpkin — 9 Comments

  1. Ooh these sound delicious! Will definitely be trying them out.
    We’ve developed a taste for pumpkin but they’re notoriously hard to get hold of in the UK, with the exception of late October. We’ve taken to bulk buying and filling our freezer to last us through the winter.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I couldn’t imagine my life without pumpkin but I am sure there are many things in France not available here in Canada as well.

  3. No problems getting pumpkin and many other sorts of squash in our local markets! I think you could try Picard for frozen cranberries — I have a feeling I’ve seen them there.
    I’ve had to translate quite a few British cake recipes for French friends. They love carrot cake! “Cream”: French cake recipes normally say “Mélanger” or “bien mélanger”. You can add “jusqu’à obtenir un mélange bien crémeux”. I suppose French people who aren’t professional patissiers don’t make many cakes, hence no need for a word! Just think of the number of cooking processes English doesn’t have words for, so we have to use French ones 🙂 Saute for example.

  4. What a lovely pair of Christmas breads! I remember when cranberries were only available in jars here but now the supermarkets have their own brand names on the bags they are so common. Libby’s too is easy to get hold of. sell it, wonder if they ship to France? Although that would probably prove to be the most expensive can of pumpkin ever!

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  6. Please delete my prior post as I typed out my email by mistake and now I can’t delete it. Thanks. Sorry.

  7. George, I grow them myself – or butternut squash. That works in place of the pumpkin. I did manage to buy some this year – at Grand Frais – huge produce store.
    Val, one learns to adjust (she says, piously) Not always easy, though LOL
    Veronica, thanks for the tip on ‘cream’… I’ll explain more to them tomorrow. And about the frozen cranberries… though I prefer the fresh for this bread…. when I can get them.
    Jayne, American Soda does have it – and yes, that would greatly increase the expense of the Bread LOL