Christmas Cookies: Zimtsterne, Caramel Almond Refrigerator Cookies — 7 Comments

  1. I’ll take any of the above, I decided not to make any sweets this Christmas and here I sit thinking about heading to the store for chocolate:D

  2. What a lovely festive platter – yum yum !! It is just endless calories at this time of year !! I am off to check the holiday timetable at the gym !!

  3. I always wondered what ice-box cookies were! (I thought they were “no-bake” cookies) It turns out that our cheese biscuits are ice-box cookies. They’re so satisfying to make, aren’t they? This year when I wrapped them into logs in wax paper, I squared off the sides. Well, actually, I triangled off the sides so that the resulting cookies are triangles.
    The dough for your caramel ice-box cookies sounds very similar to the dough I use to make cherry snowballs.
    I LOVE Christmas cookies! (I wonder if it’s allowed to make them at other times of the year. I haven’t tried your ginger chocolate chunk or peanut butter oatmeal yet.)

  4. Zoomie, they were good – all of them!
    Val, we had friends coming – good excuse for making too many!
    Pam, and to you!
    manningroad, endless calories – but sooooo good! I don’t have a gym nearby – I’m on my own (sigh)
    syrahsusie, la meme! ‘-))
    Elizabeth, I used to make cheese biscuits – ice-box style, too. I love them – mix them up and bake whenever….