Gnocchi with Prunes, Chestnuts and Bayonne Ham; Teddy Bear Parade — 10 Comments

  1. Chestnuts really are grand and I love them too! I used a few in my last spinach & artichoke dip, they were fabulous!
    Love the teddy bears and bunnies. I worry most about the bunnies roaming the house, the dogs don’t chase bears do they?

  2. Tanna, no, the doggies are afraid of the bears. I’m sure that has nothing to do with mon mari teasing them with the bears….
    Pam, now’s the time!
    manningroad, yes, and they’re glad to be out of their sacks, as well.
    Margarita, it brings out the inner child ;-))
    Elizabeth, we stopped the big gift exchange a few years ago – the teddies are very nice under the tree – when the doggies are older.
    Zoomie, I think this is definitely the year! The Return of the Teddies!

  3. Oh Katie – I love chestnuts too. One year I made this wonderful soup with them – now I’m wondering – where did I put the recipe? LOL on the teddy bears – and the dogs …. despite my moving around – I still have some of my fav toys – tho’ one day I will give them to my grand niece – but that’s not until I’m at least 90 years of age – when I’m older 🙂

  4. We just plain forget to COOK with chestnuts. This is a great combination, Katie. I also use them for soup with pumpkin, in a stuffing, or in these chickpea cookies, too. happy holidays from the ‘hood!

  5. Anna, the teddy bears stay with me LOL I make chestnut soup, too!
    Kate, I’ll add them to the pumpkin soup! Great idea. Happy holidays back at’cha