Healthy Small Plates – published!

It's official…. 

They're published.

It's been an interesting, exciting, stressful, frustrating and fun ride.

Volume-1-500Healthy Small Plates, Volume 1

Kindle has published a book of guidelines so, from that aspect, everything was pretty straightforward.

Or so one would 'assume'.

I typed it all up, following the guidelines and formatting 'tips'.

That was the easy part.

Then came the proof reading (and many thanks to all those who helped).

Spell check caught the spelling errors, of course…. But not the word errors.

Or the space errors.

Or the punctuation errors. 

I'm afraid I learned to type the old-fashioned way and find it next to impossible not to put two spaces at the end of a sentence. (Simply not done these days.) 

And my quote marks were wrong.

And my….

You get the picture.

After going through it a billion times with eyes glazed, I finally set the zoom to 200%. I decided that if the print filled my screen it would look so strange I would see it all differently.

Then I started to sing it.  

Healthy Small Plates, Volume 2

Anyway, I uploaded the lot to Kindle Publishing.

Once it's uploaded, a book stays in draft form so it can be reviewed some more.

Which I did…. Carefully.

I reviewed it using the downloaded 'Kindle Preview App.' and I reviewed it using the online 'Kindle preview' option.

I hit 'publish'.

Twelve hours later they were published.

I bought them.

I downloaded them to my Kindle and my Kindle Cloud reader on my PC.

The formatting was different.

Stuff looked one way in Word, another way in the Kindle Preview (yes, I had noticed… But it was fine) and a third way in the actual published book – sometimes a fourth way….


Healthy Small Plates, Volumes 1 & 2

I have no clue as to why the formatting changed.  

I think I fixed it.

And all that careful work I did on the covers?


That bit I didn't know or find out until I actually went to upload the covers….

And the 'fine print' showed up with actual, precise specs.  

Previously I had only found recommended specs.

One would think I would know by now that in today's euphemism-riddled world the word 'recommended' really means 'Do it this way or else!'


There you have it.  

Done and dusted!

Please, feel free to buy one of my books, tell all your friends about them and promote them like crazy.

And if you find any mistakes, please tell me… I can fix them. (I think I fixed the formatting problem.) 

If you're feeling really generous, a good review would be nice.

Have I forgotten anything?

Oh yes – the links on the titles will take you right to Amazon.

Even if you don't own a Kindle or an iPad or a whatever, you can read them on any PC or laptop with the free Kindle cloud reader.

(Talk about shameless self-promotion… Sheesh!)

Tomorrow life returns to normal with food and house updates and all that stuff.

13 thoughts on “Healthy Small Plates – published!”

  1. It sounds like the whole adventure was quite more difficult than anticipated, so congratulations for focusing on the goal and getting it done. Pat yourself on the back, please 🙂

  2. Thanks, everyone… It was a big project – and I kept thinking I was finished and then had another week of work… LOL Thanks for all the kind words!

  3. Katie, Congratulations!! What a project, you must be very proud. The books are beautiful, I love earthtones. Good luck, I’m sure they’ll be a hugh success.

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