Leek and Acorn Squash Tarts; French class — 5 Comments

  1. I’m like you in a class, more willing to ask questions than the average bear. It got me into hot water in doctrine class…

  2. We moved to France when our children were toddlers. We never taught them French – we spoke English at home and they spoke French at school. They are now both in their 20’s and this is still one of their problems in English. They always “win” money. They are OK with “finding” money that has been lost or “receiving” money as a gift but they do not get “earn”. And they do not understand why it bugs the parents when they say they “won” 10 euros babysitting! It was the same with points at school – they were “won” not “earned”. Grrh!

  3. Val, I’m a great believer in pantry cooking LOL
    Zoomie, and that is simply not the French way… Teachers are not questioned.
    Manningroad, I have come to accept that.. ;-))
    syrahsuzie – oh thank you for letting me know I’m not totally dense and did understand (while not agreeing…)