Mashed Potato Patties — 6 Comments

  1. The learning curve is ridiculously steep. The new one here is, “what were we going to Google?”!!!

  2. Ah potato cakes, yes, I always considered them a treat when my mom made them. There was always mashed potatoes on Sunday with the bacon fried chicken but rarely left overs as you say. Now, I’ll make mashed potatoes and double the potatoes … just so we can have the cakes 😉 and when I’m good …
    To tell the world … or not to tell the world … yep, I go make soup too.

  3. I was a fool for mashed potato patties when I was a kid. Once a month my parents would go up to Munich (München) and bring back ketchup, and oh yeah, other groceries. I was even more of a fool for that. The combo was superb.
    “As you find yourself mired waist deep in some project and can’t remember why you’re standing in the sh*t in the first place….” An apt description of the current state of my career 🙂

  4. Linda, and I think it gets steeper with age LOL
    manningroad, I’m learning a lot. It would be easier if I would also learn to slow down….
    Zoomie – what it the old saying – Jack of all trades; master of none? (Would that be a Jenny of all trades, I wonder…)
    Tanna, my mother fried or Mashed Potato Cakes in Bacon Fat – there was always a jar in the fridge.
    Dan, funny, I think I’ve actually been in this place before – SSDD (Same Sh*t; Different Day) I liked mustard on mine – when the gravy was gone.