Risotto with Red Beans and Ham; the update — 9 Comments

  1. Happy New Year! It was Tom Sawyer who convinced a friend to help him with his chores, rather than Huck Finn, but we get the point. Enjoy your friends and have a fine New Year’s celebration and a little vacay, as well!

  2. I have joined a bean club and get a variety of beans every month. I also used to use white beans for everything! Now, I am much more adventuresome.

  3. I love red beans. Treat myself every now and then as my hubby is not keen on beans. Happy New Year Katie, I hope you are enjoying your little holiday. Good luck with all that renovation work! xx

  4. Wow, I love the look of this risotto! I’m already a big fan of red beans and rice but we’ve always made them into “Spanish rice” – much drier. Which is delicious too. But suddenly I want this saucier version.
    Now you need to add black beans to your repertoire….
    Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks, Christine!
    Zoomie. I knew that (she says, sheepishly)
    Pam, a bean club – sounds good. I’m somewhat constrained by what I can buy here – which is not a lot LOL
    manningorad, thanks…
    Thanks, Phoenicia…. Hugs
    Tanna, I don’t know why they do, but it’s the same here.
    Colleen, there not a favorite of mine, either, well, he likes them but….
    Elizabeth, I found some black beans in Andorra LOL Soon.l…