Shrimp and Spinach Pie, the update, warm mice — 11 Comments

  1. Whenever I do a rough-ish job with pastry dough, I just call it rustic. Works for me. And I do very much like your pastry packet and the ingredients inside.
    Insulation laced with boric acid crystals could to the trick. It’s a good mouse deterrent. Did I spell boric right?

  2. That looks beautiful, no need to work on anything. I’ve also read that mice hate mint. Even if it doesn’t work, it makes the house smell good.

  3. I wish I could find that pastry here since it is probably more like homemade phyllo. It is getting colder so all the little critters will be coming in.

  4. Getting chillier here, too, but in California I don’t have mice, I have ants every winter. I think they come in to get out of the rain. I sprinkle cinnamon and/or baby powder over the places where I see them entering and that seems to dissuade them. Non toxic, and it smells good, too.

  5. It’s getting cooler here as well Katie in Montreal (-6C last night – roads iced up with freezing drizzle from night before). I always keep a few packs of the pastry in my freezer – for those – last minute recipe ideas – and I’ll be using your recipe you’ve posted here very soon – as it sounds simply scrumptious!!! Psst – I keep my nuts (no comment here please) – in the freezer – so far – no mice have discovered how to open up the door – tho’ we have lots of them in the garage (which needs insulation as well – since we’re also heating the outdoors like you are ).

  6. Christine – rustic! I like that. Too many mice out here in the country, I think!
    Tanna, never seen a roach here – in any of the places we’ve lived. Lucky us!
    Pam, thanks – slowly we stop hating the universe.
    Jeri, I’ll remember the mint next year when I harvest the herbs.
    Val, they’re coming in and there’s a lot more activity at night – the night critters hunting… Must be the cold, too.
    manningroad, yeah, they keep hiding them in my outdoor shoes which I keep in the barn LOL
    Hi, Gail – that’s the sad thing here… we have the flies, too. Must be all the livestock in the neighborhood.
    Zoomie, polenta works for ants, too – I do that in the garden. Cheaper than cinnamon 😉
    Anna, we have 3 walnut trees, so we have bushels of nuts. We can spare a few… if they didn’t make so much noise eating them.
    Tanna, my pomegranate tree produced 1 pomegranate this year…. But great idea! And pretty!