Vegetable Frittata; and a Hoo-rag? — 6 Comments

  1. Do they do a woolly version for winter I wonder and maybe they could corner the French market with a Voo-rag or a Tu-rag – excuse my silliness, it’s been a long hot day that started with a champagne breakfast !!

  2. Perfect for Christmas morning~lite and wholesome! Love the squash in there!
    Hoo-rags: When we ride our motorcycles, we put these on underneath our helmets. Keeps hair and sweat from helmets. I have always called mine a dew-rag.Learn something new everyday!

  3. Zoomie, that’s my blue ‘rag… has to be blue LOL
    Val, it’s a good frittata – but not as good as Christmas cookies!
    manningroad, champagne breakfast…. I want that! I think a tu-rag….
    Penny, and to you…. Can’t wait for garden season so I can do it justice.
    Jann, of, that’s a good name. My sister always complained about ‘helmet hair’