Beef Stewed in White Wine

I have done lots of slow-cooked beef dishes with red wine.

This is with white wine.

It’s based on a French recipe from the Alsace region and calls for Riesling or Sylvaner.

Beef cooked in red wine has a hearty, wine-y flavor. This was a bit lighter and the wine taste was much less intense.

The recipe, Beef Stewed in White Wine, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Beef Braised in White Wine.


I’m toying with the idea of getting a tablet.

It’s extremely challenging to design my websites for tablets and smart-phones when I don’t have them. I can ask other people to test, but if they don’t know what something is supposed to do, and it doesn’t work, they don’t know that it’s not working. (Follow all that?)

Anyway, before all of you iPad users tell me to get an iPad…..

I’m not getting an iPad.

And it’s not just because I find the ‘sent from my iPad’ notice irritating……

Although I do ;-))

(You can turn it off you know.)

It’s because, wonderful as they are, they’re above my budget.

I’m asking the rest of the world – any recommendations for a tablet under $300.00?

I shall now await all of the slings and arrows from the iPad users……


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9 thoughts on “Beef Stewed in White Wine”

  1. That sounds so good. I think meat always tastes good cooked in wine. Personally, I’ve only ever added wine to chicken while cooking. However, beef should taste good without a doubt.
    I remember when a friend shared the method of cooking chicken with wine, the aim was to reduce the fat that was added to the chicken as much as possible. So if you want a taste similar to what you would get when you add a little oil to the pan, you use wine instead. It’s a method to use when you want to avoid using oil.
    Thanks for sharing your beef recipe. I think you should get a tablet. It would be more convenient for you.

  2. I think beef stew with any kind of wine would be great!
    And I do not have a tablet. And currently I do not even have a laptop. I am sitting at my husbands PC even now….checking daily on Craigslist for a decent one. Gah. I hate being dependent on hubbys internet.

  3. We’ve lots of times had chicken stewed in white wine (red wine too) but it never occurred to me to stew beef in white wine rather than red. And why ever not? It sounds wonderful.
    As for the ipad thing, while you’re waiting to decide when and/or where to buy it… there’s a nifty Google Chrome add-on that will simulate various handheld devices. The Opera browser also has a hand-held simulator.
    This page may offer help:

  4. I think you should trial a tablet – everyone I know that has one is very, happy. I don’t have one or even want one. But I would get an Ipad if the need arose or one that is a kindle plus a tablet to take travelling. See about getting a second hand one from Ebay.

  5. I like my iPad – worth the price. We use it mainly to look up questions on the spot and we love the convenience of taking it around with us. I don’t know any other brand, but Apple has recently introduced a smaller version of what I have for less $$.

  6. I just made this for my in-laws today! It turned out delicious–tender, melt-in-your mouth and perfect with the steamed potatoes. The only change I made was to flip the meat on the hour. Thanks for the great recipe!

  7. I’ve only tried stew with a blonde ale and it was an interesting flavor. I’ll have to try white wine — it looks delicious. As far as the iPad goes, I think it’s just more about which way people lean with technology. I’m a Mac person through and through so would never consider anything else although I had to use a PC for work many years and was comfortable doing so. The thing I enjoy most about my iPad is that it links to my Mac and my iPhone in every way possible — but I assume you can do that with any tablet as long as it’s synced.

  8. Cindy, I bought a refurbished Dell a few years back, from their website – it was a good deal and I’m still using it!
    Yvette, I’ve always used wine in cooking… love the flavor. I don’t use a lot of fat, tho, so I don’t worry about it LOL
    Elizabeth, I’ve used them, but they don’t do a thorough enough job – for example, drop down menus work on the simulator but not on the tablets. They were a great help, though.
    manningroad, my son has an iPad (one of the first) and suggested the Kindle Fire as a good, cheaper alternative.
    Joanne, I use sherry, too… different flavors, all good!
    Zoomie, but the smaller one is still expensive, and I don’t want the 7″ screen. I’m leaning towards the Kindle Fire 8.9 We’ll see….
    Erin, your in-laws liked it? Wow… Well done – and thanks!
    kellypea, I’ve used both and really have no preference…. other than the price LOL

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