Beluga Lentil Tarts — 6 Comments

  1. I know about Beluga caviar but not the lentils. I am sure I would love them too ! I will pass on the muddy dogs though – it’s about another 6 months till I have to deal with that !

  2. That’s exactly how I feel about packing up Christmas, too! I’d just as soon skip the unpacking altogether, but my daughter won’t let me! All the best!

  3. I’d advise storing the Christmas linens clean but not ironed. You’ll probably just have to iron them again next year when you get them back out… Lazy me, and I hate to iron. My frustration with packing up Christmas is that I always, always find a thing or two that was forgotten right after I have neatly packed the boxes and stored them away. I’m always on the fence about whether to get the boxes back out or simply throw away the errant item. 🙂

  4. manningroad, I saw them on a blog, somewhere and couldn’t believe I found them here… but, I suppose, they ARE lentils, and the French are rather fond of lentils….
    Margarita, packing is always such a pain ;-))
    Zoomie, I have a good system for storing them that keeps them really well – involves wrapping them in old bathroom towels. And why can we throw out other useless stuff easily, but keep crap that is 50 years old and broken just because it’s for Christmas? I need to go through my stuff – I say that every year.

  5. Okay, this is NOT fair! Why can you get lingot, coco blanc beans and Beluga lentils when we cannot?! (Actually, we might be able to get these tiny black lentils. There’s a great pulses store at one of the markets that may well sell them. I wonder if we might not be able to get them in an Indian store as well.)
    I must say that those tarts look fabulous! So do the brownies. Of course. But I might not have room for them after having lentil tarts for dinner and dessert (I love dinner for dessert)

  6. Elizabeth, but we cannot get pinto beans or cranberry beans or navy beans or black beans….. It all evens out ;-))