Chicken, Red Beets and Green Cabbage; here comes the sun — 7 Comments

  1. Let the sun shine. I have lost several recipes over the years. One is for ginat shrimp stuffed with garlic butter and chopped scallops, another for a completely boneless stuffed chicken.

  2. That sounds delicious. Is it the pretty much the same as the lost recipe? If not, one of my friends recently lost a favourite recipe she had gotten from her mother. She spent days looking for it – tore her house apart looking. She finally gave up, completely dejected. And then her husband found it. Where? It was in her recipe box, filed in the exact spot where it was supposed to be….
    (Did you check your recipe box for your lost recipe?)

  3. We have had no rain for weeks – why can’t there just be a happy medium and you get some and we get some too. I don’t want a deluge but just enough to keep the garden alive !!

  4. There are some recipes I remember making before the blog that are now lost. Sigh. I’m glad you refound this dish though!

  5. Val, all we can do is try to re-create… and have fun doing it!
    Elizabeth, I’ve looked everywhere – and even in my recipe boxes. I’m pretty sure I never tore it out of the magazine. Foolish woman.
    manningroad, I would love to send you some rain. Last summer we went for over 8 weeks without a drop. At least this summer the water tables should be in good shape.
    Jayne, the blog is a great recipe-saver LOL

  6. Katie – I made this for dinner tonight – soooo good! I will do a recipe review with a link back to you next week. Thanks for sharing. 🙂