Enchiladas Falsas; the Update — 8 Comments

  1. We always just called it drywall putty.
    Alton Brown did an episode of good eats where he made his own tortillas. I just buy a package and then am stuck eating tortillas for several days 🙂

  2. The whole enchilada sounds pretty tasty to me! I’m wishing you lived next door so I could run over for a couple!
    Glop works too. And I can’t wait to see those puppy bellies. That must’ve be a fun job. How did you get them to hold still long enough?

  3. I divide a pack of tortillas and them keep them in the freezer. Some forward planning is needed so you remember to get them ahead of time to thaw !! I am looking forward to your canine hairdressing pics.

  4. The progress on the ceilings and walls is noticeable every time you post. I’m still green with envy for your talented mari!

  5. Wonky, that would seem a logical name LOL. I love Alton Brown – wish his show was available here. I think making them requires a certain type of corn meal… I improvise….
    Pam, they didn’t hold still – that’s why it was such a chop job LOL
    manningroad, that would be far to simple and logical… And I didn’t think of it soon enough.
    Zoomie, slowly but surely….
    Margot, I think I need to make proper ones now!