It’s Chicken Soup time – La Grippe ou Un Rhume — 7 Comments

  1. Hope you feel better fast. Colds are a bummer – they make you feel like s**t, but you don’t get much sympathy because they are so common. Ugh.

  2. I sure that you are feeling better soon. We should all have some form of chicken soup in the freezer and not just for when we are ill.

  3. Hope you get better soon. Sorry about the airplane crash shows. And the dogs don’t care if you’re sick. If you go near the coat rack, they’re going to assume it’s *time*.

  4. Get well soon! The entire family had la gastro last week and all I felt like I did was wash laundry and clean up after the girls! Hang in there–it does get better! At least if you’re looking for a silver lining, this could help you kickstart any weight-loss goals–Anthony lost 3 kilos! Hugs!

  5. No matter what the dogs still have to be walked. I remember last year even with a slipped disc, so slowly trudging, with the dogs wondering what on earth was going on. Get better soon !!

  6. Zoomie, exactly…. And crap on TV
    Val, the soup has been just what I needed – no work!
    Dan, I just have to move and they think it’s ‘time’… Even if we just came in!
    Erin, Ouch! That’s rough…. Hope the family is back to normal!
    Kate, there is no rest when one has dogs…. Thanks!