Sausage, Cabbage and Barley Soup; Why? — 7 Comments

  1. I know the feeling. Our Dog has a way of communicating that is totally comical. A nudge, a head shake pointing toward the door, several shakes of the head pointing toward the door, a woof, a brown-eyed look. Duh, I guess she wants to go out . . . and it is usually an hour before the appointed time. She equates afternoon walks with the following dinner. The sooner she can walk, the sooner she can eat. It is much better when we are in Lake Lure and can let her out to do her own thing. By the way, Daisy has her own blog now. I know, silly as can be, but David was bored one day and set her up as a blogger. David needs another project I think. Here is the link.

  2. My Cora is the same, well ready for dinner a full hour before dinner time. As to the shaking in the barn rather than in the house, I have discovered a little trick that won’t keep you dry but will perhaps save the furniture. I press gently down on Cora’s neck just behind the skull and tell her “Shake! Shake!” I don’t know if it’s the pressure or if that wicks some water down to her skull, but almost every time, she shakes when I do this. Needless to say, I do it outside. If she does squeeze by me into the entry hall before shaking, I leave a big towel on that table before I go out, and quickly blanket her with it to get most of the water – and for some reason, she doesn’t shake until I lift off the towel. One dog lover to another – bonne chance! 😀

  3. That soup looks just the thing for the horribly cold weather we’re having in the high desert. And I love love love sausages.
    The farmers grew rapeseed right out the back door of our house in Germany. It bloomed brilliant yellow, which helped brighten up the usually-dour German cloudy days. We have a watercolor of our village showing rapeseed blooming. The artist framed his own art — with an ugly brown matte that better symbolizes the typical light conditions (and mood) around there!

  4. Yes, I too have to keep to the dog timetable else the harrassment becomes ridiculous – it is just best to go with the canine flow and get the walk out of the way. At least while it is so hot – today was 41 C – Lucy is only interested in 2 out of our 3 walks but the Cocopop is queueing at the door, rain, hail or shine and chases the ball even on days like today in the heat then goes ‘swimming’ in her bucket of water when we get home.

  5. Ruth, soup always does the trick…. but it was a nasty cold!
    Penny, we had a Daisy, once… I’ll go see what yours is up to LOL. Yes, dinner is immediately after the last walk….
    Thanks, Zoomie… Bonnie’s coat is so thick I doubt it would work, but I’ll try. She hates the rain, gets so wet and takes forever to dry off. Guapa is much better. It will probably work for her. She dries in half the time….
    Dan, we always have some rapeseed around, some years more than others. I’m hoping… It’s such a pretty sight in the spring…. After months of gray.
    manningroad, when we lived in Andorra, Sedi had her own waterfall to jump in… I wish I could teach them to chase the ball – well, they chase, they just don’t bring it back….

  6. That soup looks so good I’m sure I can smell it’s aroma. Nothing like soup when you’re feeling under the weather or on a cold, wet and miserable day with a hunk of fresh crusty bread. Mmmm