Sausage, Onion and Goat Cheese Quiche; Fit or not? — 8 Comments

  1. That is an interesting question, Katie. My impulse is to say yes. No, wait. No. No, wait again… yes. Errrrm, what was the question?
    Like you, I was naturally thin (let’s call it what it was – insanely skinny) until hitting 40. Then I turned into naturally thin-ish. Luckily I like to bike. I loathe dieting. Now, the only way that I can manage to do up my belt easily is through exercise.
    Your quiche sounds wonderful.

  2. I have never been thin, have fought the Battle of the Bulge all my life. Like you, I find that exercise is the best answer, even though it doesn’t do the whole job for me. Once I’m “in shape,” the exercise becomes addictive and I am restless and crabby if I don’t do it. I think it’s healthier to be overweight and “fit” than skinny and unfit.

  3. I think naturally skinny types don’t feel as much pressure to exercise or watch what they eat – Lucky them. Often really overweight people are fit under the flab as their heart works extra hard but sometimes gets pushed to the limit and heart disease ensues. Best be middling like you, all things in moderation !!

  4. Val, and so much easier (for me)
    Elizabeth, I love to bike, too – and really want to get back on the one that goes places LOL. Maybe this summer. We biked all over when we lived in the US… Not in Andorra, lots in the Vendee and not yet here… Sigh. Exercise is so much better than diets…
    Zoomie, I agree that fit counts for a lot more than weight. Now, if I could give up the wine and chocolate….
    Margarita, I never thought of doing it with quinoa – next time! Thanks!
    manningroad, I know skinny people who never do any exercise… drive around looking for the closest parking space type. I think I would even if I no longer had to – I miss it when I don’t and feel better when I do.

  5. I’m blessed like you 🙂 The creepers have started and I have to be more careful about what I eat and make sure I exercise.