Sliced Pork Tenderloin with Mushrooms and Mustard; Happy New Year — 12 Comments

  1. I am sure you get plenty of doggy hugs and slurpy kisses. Pork is not as readily available here but I sure do enjoy it.

  2. Yummy pork tenderloin dish….we had something very similar the other night too! Can’t go wrong with pork tenderloin – so delicious!

  3. Happy New Year, Katie. Love your technique for snapping a pic of the pups. I cannot believe they are two already! I remember when you brought them home!

  4. Happy New Year Katie. I too remember when you brought the pups home. Time is moving much to fast. I’m trying to peddle faster so I can keep up. But at the same time I want to stop and savor every moment. May your New Year be full of moments to savor.

  5. I read this recipe yesterday and made it today. Delicious! Even die gnädige Frau, who almost always eats a super light diet (no sauces) pronounced it excellent.

  6. Thanks, Pam, loud but effective LOL
    Val, it’s really the best buy here, cheaper and better than chicken or beef.
    Susan, thanks – and best wishes for the year to you!
    manningroad, time is moving much too rapidly lately!
    Ina, I so agree!
    Zoomie, and to you!
    Lorette, hope you like it – and Happy New Year!
    Christine – almost two…. in two months, but, still…. hard to believe!
    Elle, thanks – and Happy New Year!
    Penny, way too fast! Good wishes for your year as well – and may it be a slow one LOL
    Dan, Glad it was a hit! I eat light – but with sauce ;-))