Sunchoke Gratin, and more sunchokes…. — 7 Comments

  1. Well, your sunchokes look delicious! We tried them a couple of years ago and were a little less than thrilled. But. We did like them enough to try growing them ourselves to see if freshly picked sunchokes would be more appealing. Alas, we don’t have enough sun and they didn’t produce. And I forgot about sunchokes.
    I’ll have to watch for them again next summer.

  2. Val, give them a try….
    manningroad, they’re from the other side of the world from you – guess they haven’t traveled….
    Elizabeth, they’re winter veg here – which makes them taste sooo much better. We rarely eat root veg in the summer.
    Tanna, all of a sudden the rain doesn’t seem so bad….
    Zoomie, it’s been raining almost 40 days LOL